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Modular Hexagonal Display Box with Dovetails

3D model description

Modular Hexagonal Dovetail Display Box for any of your figurines.

Are you tired of having your favorite collectibles sitting in a box, taking up valuable desk space, lost on a shelf somewhere or in a giant piece of display furniture?

Turn your little friends into wall art! Print as many of these as you like, scale up or down depending on the size of your pals (do use the same size for each wall sculpture so they fit together.)

They have a hidden nail hole in the back. If it's balanced you can hang a whole wall sculpture on one nail! Mix and match colors, play with shapes, use one color for a more sophisticated look or make it wild!

main: use this for most of the boxes

straight slots: fill in the holes since dovetails only slide in one way (this will make sense when you put them together)

no back: self explanatory I hope--use for style points or to cut down on plastic/time

straight slots no back: again fill in the holes with no back!

3D printing settings

Supports: yes

Infill 10% but flexible. Pick a pattern you like as it may show through

  • 3D model format: STL





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