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Jumbo Lego Christmas - Elves - Bernard and Twinkle

3D model description

I compiled these two elves to go with my Santa ( and Mrs Claus ( jumbo minifigs - Bernard is the head elf and Twinkle is the decorator!

Used Skimbal's and CountSpatula's minifigs - a combination of each - at 75% of the jumbo figure size, or 300% of the original minifig size, so they are a bit smaller as elves should be!
Printed using Simplify3D in order to pause the print and filament swap where required on the legs.

Some of the parts are a bit finnicky as they are so small - one of these was the mouth and eyes of the innie-head ( - I actually ended up melting a spare piece of black filament and squishing it into the indents, then sanding flush with the face.

Bernard's shirt bottom and Twinkle's zig-zag skirt, their neck cuff and arm cuffs were an afterthought, based on a picture I saw - I compiled these in Sketchup (still learning) and they turned out really well. They are attached using superglue, with a lighter used to heat and bend around the sharp corners/edges - take it slow and it will work out. The neck cuffs slide right on and you can heat and bend the overhanging pieces down if required.

Bernard's shades needed a bit of trimming on the ear pieces with a sharp craft knife. Whittle down until they fit tightly between the hat rim and the ears. I can't seem to find the original thing, but they originally slid into two holes on the side of the face - I scaled them up to fit on the outside of the face, over the ears.

The ears were printed separately and glued on, as I wanted them placed in a particular way. You can use the Spock head, but the face will not look good on these elves! Hence I used the innie smile head and attached the ears.

The hat brim text was from Dogbert's "Name Your Santa Hats" thing: (
I was going to remodel the ball on the hat fringe and replace it with a Lindt bell, but I couldn't get the 3D modelling right - I may try this later when I've learnt more on Sketchup...

Elf - Bernard

The head of Santa's helpers needs to have atire that says "I'm in charge", whilst retaining the whimsical properties we all know and love.... plus he's just super-cool!

Bernard's legs were printed using red, white and green ABS filament. Filament swaps were done as follows - each stripe is 2mm thick:
Layer 001-055 in red (the shoe part)
Layer 056-065 in white
Layer 066-075 in green
Layer 076-085 in white
Layer 086-095 in green
Layer 096-105 in white
Layer 106+ in red

Other colours used for Bernard are:
Shoes - red (with a couple of gold BB pellets for the shoe bells)
Hips - red
Neck Ring and Cuffs - red
Body Fringe/Waist - brown (or print a normal body and a brown 1mm thick belt)
Buckle - gold
Body - green
Body Skirt - green
Arms - green
Hands - Skin
Head and Ears - skin
Hat Rim - red
Hat Top - green or gold
Glasses, Mouth and Eyes - black
Scroll - tan or light brown or red (or any colour you wish)

Elf - Twinkle

Twinkle, although one of the hardest workers and master decorator, is cute; nothing else, just plain cute...

Twinkle's legs were printed using brown, white, red and green ABS filament. Filament swaps were done as follows - each stripe is 2mm thick:
Layer 001-048 in brown (the shoe part)
Layer 049-058 in white
Layer 059-068 in red
Layer 069-078 in white
Layer 079-088 in red
Layer 089-098 in white
Layer 099-108 in red
Layer 109-118 in white
Layer 119+ in green

Other colours used are:
Shoes - brown (with a couple of gold BB pellets for the shoe bells)
Hips - green
Body Fringe/Waist - brown (or print a normal body and a brown 1mm thick belt)
Buckle - gold
Body - green
Arms - green
Neck Ring and Cuffs - red
Hands - Skin
Head and Ears - skin
Hat Rim - green
Hat Top - red or gold
Mouth and Eyes - black


Twinkle's Decoration String -- Lindt chocolate bunny ribbon and 3 Lindt bells - tie-off the bells at the spacing you wish to use and place a dab of glue in each hand to secure.

Bernard's Scroll ( - I printed this in two halves, orientated on the build plate down the middle, as I wanted brown ring pieces and a white scroll paper. Print what you want to put on the scroll on a label sheet - the label cut-out size is 24mm height by 30mm width. Make it central and stick down.

The balls on the ends of the shoe tips are yellow gas-gun air pellets that I had lying around. There is no .stl included, but you could source something from Thingiverse if needed, although at 75% scaling they may be difficult to print.

REMEMBER: some of the files are still sized at 400% for the jumbo minifigs - I printed some parts at 75% and others at 300%, depending on the source file size.
You should be able to gauge for yourself which parts should be printed at what size.

UPDATE: 30 NOV 2018

Per request, I have added 3 additional .STL files for:

  • the left and Right ears only (Skin_Ears_L_R Only.stl)
  • single head with the left and right ears (Skin_Heads_and_Ears_1xHead_with_Ears.stl)
  • 2 heads with the 2 sets of left and right ears -- removed the extra heads below the print bed, so this STL effectively replaces file Skin_Heads_and_Ears_Z_TO_ZERO.stl (Skin_Heads_and_Ears_2xHeads_4xEars.stl)

NB: check that the parts sit flat on the print bed. Adjust positioning in your slicer if needed.

Please check/feedback whether they work for you - I have not tested and am not too good with Meshmixer yet! ;)

  • 3D model format: STL





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