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Gremlin Resculpt (lower res version)

3D model description

Thanks VFXBase, your Gremlin was pretty awesome I gotta say!

I did a few things to the original,

Removed the skin/beardy bits on the the chin, rounded it off
Added some spikes/horns like in the movie around the jaws
Made the base completely flat so it prints raftless
Since I am painting it, or intended to I went over all the creases in the mesh and made them deeper, like the ears and eyes etc. to assist with the shading later on.
Decreased the size of the mesh from 150mb to 28mb to make it more manageable, 150mb meshes can bring some computers to a halt :)
But I do recommend trying to print VFXBase Gremlin! just heads up, the chin supports are really hard to remove that's why I made this remix mainly.
This is a quick remix, VFX, you have inspired me to get off my ass and really learn Zbrush (sculpting in Blender is cool, but nothing like Zbrush) so I might try and make a few different gremlins from the movie from this base. Thanks again mate!

  • 3D model format: STL


Thanks for downloading, If you enjoy my models here, I guarantee you'll love the ones on my Patreon! :)



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