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French Lantern Clock

3D model description

This pendulum lantern watch is authored by master watchmaker Adolphe Mougin. This was a reputed watchmaker and produced pendulum clocks for various watch manufacturers. Being that Mougin produced watches in the middle and end of the century. XIX, we can conclude that the dial and the box of the century. XVIII (1745) are not original to him. We assume, therefore, that the old machine associated with these two elements was replaced after 1889 by A. Mougin's award-winning pendulum. As for the author of the dial and the box, it is very difficult to identify him, since the signature that appeared in the center of the dial, behind the hands, disappeared almost completely. However, given the style and date of manufacture, we were able to identify some parallels in watches by Charles Balthazar, a well-known watchmaker of the 20th century. XVIII. These details make this watch in a doubly interesting piece, where a work of art of the century. XVIII and a mechanism of excellence of the end of the century. XIX.

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