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Escher-Style Tessellating Lizard /

3D model description

This is an hexagonally-tessellating lizard tile closely based on M.C. Escher's famous design. This vector art has lived on my old personal homepage, since 2008, at

Recently, Angus Hines ( downloaded it and used it to lasercut a bunch of ~3" tiles in fluorescent acrylic (which are shown in the attached images), and it occurred to me it was probably time to share these files on Thingiverse.

Update 2011-12-15: Angus just sent me these photos of some lizards printed on FDM/FFF equipment, and I've uploaded them, as well as the .STL and .CDR files he sent along with. Thanks, Angus!

Update 2012-02-28: I've added a version of the vector art with a 1/16" diameter pinhole in the tiling center, which allows the tile to be easily and discretely secured to a wall using a small brad. Details here:

3D printing settings

Angus reports no problem putting these on the laser cutter as-is. The sides, I should note, are made up of individual line segments instead of polylines, and Angus reports that this causes them to cut slowly on his equipment. He has mentioned that he might revise the art to join the line segments.

  • 3D model format: STL





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