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Dodecahedron Pencil Holder

3D model description

Platonic solids, especially the dodecahedron, are always a great thing to look at, but as soon as they can also be used in everyday live, they become even more beautiful. That´s why I created a special geometric version of my favourite platonic solic which you can use for both, a fancy pencil holder as well as a decorative piece of art.

Simply print 30 of the easy and fast printable trapecoidal pieces, grab your superglue and start sticking them together in the correct position (if you need help, have a look at the picture I uploaded while it was not even half finished) and enjoy the result. Sticking the pieces together will usually not take longer than one hour.

I added three versions of the pieces which have to be printed, if you have requests for other templates including geometric shapes, names of a friend or whatever you like, please let me know. I´m ready to design your wishes especially for you!

3D printing settings

  • 0.2mm layer
  • no supports
  • no rafts
  • 100% infill
  • about 6 hours printing time
  • 3D model format: STL


Hello, World!
I'm a student who found his fascination for 3D Printing when our school got a 3D Printer. Furthermore I'm interested in modeling things with a CAD software. Have fun while browsing through my things!
If you have special wishes for things I could design, please let me know! :D



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