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Antman 3cm Suit for SLA printing

Download free STL files Antman 3cm Suit for SLA printing, GeoffroDownload free STL files Antman 3cm Suit for SLA printing, Geoffro

3D model description

I will be releasing a few models over this year from my Patreon service (this is a tiny sample.. pardon the pun..) If you like busts, figures, props, cosplay (full suits, helmets etc) , complex sci-fi dioramas, please consider supporting us on patreon!
Every subscription counts, add suggestions, be part of the community and see whats going on:

This was a super quick model to make (as most of the detail wouldn't be visible when printed at 3cm scale) Super easy project, buy a $5 sewing kit, print out a little figure (I did mine in SLA as the FDM was just too crappy) but see how you go, you might have more luck. It's as accurate as I wanted to go knowing even my low end sparkmaker would struggle to print the detail - I'd love to see whats possible on some high res printers at this height.

The movie scale was even slightly smaller at 2.6cm tall, but as you can see from the finished props above, 3cm is a very close fit to the screen version without being an impossibly small print.

This was detailed to print out at 3cm, yes you can upscale it but it was not detailed for massive prints, it was just meant as a quick print so you can easily convert a $2-5 sewing
kit into a functioning prop. I could not find cheap black kits so I bought pink/blue ones and Plasti-dipped them in mattle black. Small dab of super glue on his back to stick him to the inside.

3D printing settings

SLA recommended, 0.25mm layer height

  • 3D file format: ZIP



Thanks for downloading, If you enjoy my models here, I guarantee you'll love the ones on my Patreon! :)



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