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Sioux Falls Cathedral - South Dakota, USA

3D model description

St. Joseph's Cathedral of Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the United States is a catholic temple built in the XX Century and recently restored. It is one of the greatest landmarks of the city, along with the Sioux Falls themselves.

Celebrate the people of Sioux Falls with this model, show us pictures if you print it or buy it! Check out our other models.


I used parametric software to model it from scratch. I used pictures and also being there once helped me understand it and get inspired to do it.


I visited Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the huge building caught my attention immediately. Very dear friends showed me the interior and I felt happy to see a church in the USA that is similar to what I am used to (Mexico).

The idea of MiniWorld originated from a visually-impaired friend who asked me if I could use 3D printing to help her and others "see" the world - with miniature models, they can understand shapes and sizes of the most famous landmarks and travel with their hands.
MiniWorld is the collection of 3D printed landmarks from around the world!

All my things I model myself by hand and brain, please give credit. It's all about spreading culture!

3D printing settings

• No support needed
• Infill 15%
• PLA 220 Celsius

It can be printed complete (as is) easily.

If you want, you can make a lamp by printing it hollow and in pieces, then put a battery light inside :)

  • 3D model format: STL


Happy Mexican Designer,

UX/UI designer at , Founder of MiniWorld3D, Digital Nomad, Men-at-Work & Interpol fan.



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