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Single Player Sheet for Emphes Castle Chess Set

3D model description

Rather than just having one of every piece, I copied all of the pieces required for a single person to play to a new sheet...duplicating as needed.

For a nice themed container for your pieces, see:

Thanks to for his creative work on the original set.

I've ended up modestly redesigning several of the pieces. The first STL below is the original sheet, revisions 1-9 had major changes, and then 9A-9F are tiny refinements to optimize print quality/time.

3D printing settings

For a full set of chess pieces - print this out twice changing colors between each print.

Version 9F prints out perfectly on a replicator using 6.0 firmware, 0.2 Layer Height, 20% fill, and +3 shells. I scale mine 1.28x. Prebuild s3g using right extruder uploaded. To get the best quality for the print, your build plate needs to be nearly perfectly level and your printer should be well callibrated.

Build time was just under 6hrs. For the project I'm doing, I have to print this out ~28 times and am just over half way towards that goal...

  • 3D model format: STL and TXT





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