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Improved LED simulation Green Cape Lighthouse model

3D model description

Thanks to the amazing project developed by gwpoulos, I adapted his idea to my Green Cape Lighthouse model with excellent results:

The 3D printed housing pieces for the LEDs were redesigned to fit my model and adapted to the LED strip available where I live. Also, a Deek Robot Arduino Pro Mini clone was used (I couldn't find the original), and it worked fine. I used a 5V external regulator as suggested in the original project for long term operation.

3D printing settings

Pieces were printed in PLA, normal settings with no support. Two rings are needed, one for the top and other for the bottom.

To adapt this modification to the existing model of Green Cape Lighthouse, you have to print the new_optics 1, 2 and 3 pieces to fit them in top of the existing balcony. I included two new pieces; new_optics 4 and 5 if you prefer to assemble the window frames instead of printing them as one piece.

Additionally, if you want the function buttons of the electronic circuit to be reachable from the outside of the model, print the new_base piece which was also modified to save some printing material but is a little bit harder to align with the rest of the body pieces.

The rest of the original lighthouse model pieces (body 1, 2 and 3; balcony 1 and 2; dome and accesories) can be used and had no changes.

  • 3D model format: STL





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