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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

3D model description

An almost perfect scale model of the universal studios hogwarts castle. Complete with a hidden drawer that comes out of the front and a containment to put dry ice in and watch fog roll down the cliffsides. If you would like the rest of the hidden drawer mechanisms and where to put the springs to make it operate you can message me or leave a comment. Enjoy.

3D printing settings

.2mm layer height
varying infill, mainly 20%
single perimeter

  • 3D model format: STL



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Sorry, but i don´t have the parts.

The dry ice cap goes behind the great hall. Next to the spire dorms where the student housing is. Dumbledors office is at the top of the spire. There is a small basin that has pins which correspond to the dry ice cap placement.

Hello arnedh,
The Creators name is VALICNT. I only had download the file. I have a lot of questions, about the model, too. Sorry.

I wonder where the Movement brace comes in the model, and where you put the Dry ice cap! Do you have a picture showing these details?

Hello, can you send me the Stl-files for the missing parts, please.
My Email:
Thank you.

Thank you for the answer!

The drawer only works with a large base over the entire model. In the model i believe it is 7/8" thick. So you would have to measure the pieces to fit your model. The drawer requires small springs from a hardware store. And the locking mechanism is the tiniest. I will find a video of me putting the model together. Then post it on here.

I have printet the model in 60% size and everything came out beautifully. The not and pens had to be worked a little as I suppose they are drawn to the same size on the two parts going together. I would like a little more info on how the drawer comes together though. Must the model be placed on a wooden base to take up the difference in height before doing the drawer? I am totally impressed of your work. I am doing the model for my nephews bitrhday. He is a totally Harry Potter fan and been to both places, the one in Orlando and the one in London so I hope I will get it done. Keep up the good work. I have been doing computing for some time, but are new to 3D printing.

If your print material doesnt come out right*

If tour print . bacterial doesnt cone out perfectly without expansion between layers the tabs will be perfect. Also in the stl files they are .022 inches smaller on each side. Or .5mm smaller on each side.

Nice, however the tabs dont line up, they do but arent sized right, the male tabs are bigger than they should be, or the female part is too small. looks like it all will go together fine but the tabs are all messed up.

Hi everyone, valient6 here. If anyone wants instructions on how it goes together we can Skype and I can explain how to do it. My Skype is valient6. Otherwise you have to wait for the video of me putting it all together.

Hi everyone, valient6 here. If anyone wants instructions on how it goes together we can Skype and I can explain how to do it. My Skype is valient6. Otherwise you have to wait for the video of me putting it all together.

Hey thank you this is amazing! Do you by any chance have a list of the order to put them together? They are coming up alphabetically on mine

Ok i ordered the stl files in sequence of attaching them together. They really only go together one way. As the dovetails are not all the same dimensions. Start with each peice as i have them ordered and start sliding them together. I will have a video on how exactly they go together on youtube soon. The drawer needs a back to it. And a bottom. I will leave that part up to you. I made the entire inside of the drawer out of cedar wood so it will resist mold and smell great when you open it. The spring sizes are .08" diameter and .5" diameter and the larger spring is .75" long to preload the drawer. the small spring preloads the latch on the secret drawer to catch the notch on the inside of the great hall bedrock bedrock. There are two ledges on the bedrock that the drawer fits into on the right and left side.

The bedrock is underneath the structures. So the great hall bedrock goes ontop of the great hall bedrock bedrock. Sorry for the confusion. I will re order them from top to bottom. But on the west wing, the school bedrock side there are 3 peices that go together to form the single bedrock. And when you put it together the bridge has to go in at a certain time along with the school building as well. Bridge holds in the school structure and the bedrock holds in the bridge... Its a puzzle for sure.

can i have some kind of instruction and also the missing parts for this great model please ?

This model is amazing. Im going to make this for my sisters birthday. I would greatly appreciate the files for the drawer mechanism. Thank you so much.

For anyone who wants the secret drawer stl files i will upload that if you ask for them.


Belle création. Exceptionnel !