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3D model description

This is a model of the original roman "Heidentor" in Carnuntum in Austria. Today, just two pillars and one bow are left, but I like the original building better so i built a model of it.
You can either print it with supports, or 180 degrees rotated, but it may be difficult to get it off the printing table then.

3D printing settings

  • 8 cm high
  • 3 hours printing time
  • 25 % infill
  • supports recommended
  • 3D model format: STL



Hello, World!
I'm a student who found his fascination for 3D Printing when our school got a 3D Printer. Furthermore I'm interested in modeling things with a CAD software. Have fun while browsing through my things!
If you have special wishes for things I could design, please let me know! :D



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