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Green Cape Lighthouse Model

3D model description

Green Cape (New South Wales, Australia) O scale (1:48) lighthouse model printed in eight different pieces assembled together. The full scale model is 60 cm. high and it was designed based in the original blueprints.

The model is complemented with an analog electronic circuit to simulate real life operation. The custom circuit design is included.

The circuit has three different functions: It drives a 12V automotive led bulb as the main light; The red beacon on top of the dome, and the interior lighting.

Each model piece can be painted before assembly with regular spray paint to match the original building.

3D printing settings

The prototype was printed in white PLA with 0.2 mm slice height.

It is better to print the Base and Body pieces on a heated bed to avoid distortion and print the Balcony and Optics pieces at slow speed. No support is necessary.

There are two Balcony and Optics2 files, you must choose the one suited for your printer's capabilities. The Optics2b part includes support rods that need to be removed manually after printing.

The Body3 file is inverted so it can be printed without support

  • 3D model format: STL





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