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Foerris Chest

3D model description

In this project, the corners is in focus. The idea with the corners is to give a classic look to a 3D print and at the same time be practical. the corners are lightweight, strong, easy to clean and don't need other than a little glue to be assemble. The opportunities of how to use the print is many.

The corners fits whit 9mm plywood. The middle pieces holds a 12mm plate.

This toolbox, is 600*400*350mm there is used 20EUR of plywood. The only other component is to pieces of round 6mm steel and 4 drawer runners. Most of the parts is glued together whit ABS Juice. Its finished of with a lacquer

Total 11 different files:
Items _______ Pcs. ______ Print time ___ Print material
______________________ (hr. : min ) ____ (m)
Bottom Back __ 2 _________ 3:01 ______ 8,18
Bottom Front __ 2 _________ 2:38 ______ 7,1

Top Back _____ 2 (R&L)* ___ 2:50 ______ 7,48
Top Front _____ 2 _________ 2:43 ______ 6,95

Middle Front ___ 2 (R&L)* __ 2:12 ______ 7,33
Middle Back ___ 2 ________ 2:45 ______ 7,82

Hinge ________ 2 (R&L)* __ 0:54 _______ 2,9
Corner Cover__ 4 ________ 0:25 _______ 1,2

Total: ________ 18________ 35:46 ______ 48,96
_______________________ 72 hours ___ 100 meters

*Right and Left

My experience:
All pieces are printed in ABS to achieve at nice finish. If you can print anything else in ABS you should also be able to print these pieces. PLA and other materials is just as good a choice.
All the corners need to be placed whit the legs down at the bed and the actual corner facing at the extruder. Support are used in the corners.


  • 3D model format: STL



Young and evolving danish engineer.

I am studying to become a mechanical engineer, my passion for 3D Printing is born with that perspective. My Interest for design comes from work as a skilled joiner.

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