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Castle Mountain! (Multicolor/Multimaterial)

3D model description

This serves as a sequel to my recently-published Castle Tower. I began an introductory course with Autodesk Maya and decided that my first large project would be a castle, similar to my last.

Instead of using Tinkercad, which is quite limited in creating landscapes and terrain, Maya has a sculpt and face manipulate tool that really helped me out. The hill is still a little low-detail but it's better than a squished half sphere like my other one.

This object was designed for multimaterial printers, like my Prusa MK3S with MMU2S. My print took 21 hours and used three colors.
If you're looking to replicate mine, the castle_rock2 and castle_grass2 (if you're using a base, otherwise don't use castle_grass2) at all) should be green or have the rock be a different color than the castle. The castle_walls2 (the actual castle except the top cone) should again be gray or white; I found a pretty cool white/pearl filament with glitter that might have looked cool here, too! The castle_towertop2 was purple, although anything that stands out like a velvety red or purple (like Prusament's Mystic Brown) would work here as well.

Why the 2 at the end of each STL file? Well, I had to make a slight modification to the mesh of the castle_rock and had to update all the files. The folder I store all of these files in is a mess >.<

I've included a single color model as well, if you don't have a multimaterial printer.

EDIT: I've also included the 2 .gcode files I used for my Prusa MK3S/MMU2S if you'd like to use those instead of running it through a slicer. The first color (MMU slot 1) was gray, the second was green, and the third was purple. I do recommend that you go the extra mile just to get the settings that work for you instead of mine, but this is if you're in a pinch.

  • 3D model format: GCODE, OBJ, and STL



I love printing. In my free time, I am almost always 3D printing something or designing. I use my Original Prusa i3 MK3S (with a semi-reliable MMU2S) to print all my models (well, all models after September 2018) and teach some kids at the local Elementary School. :)



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