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28mm Sci-fi wargaming turret emplacement

3D model description

A handy little turret emplacement to add to your wargaming scenery.

This emplacement includes a turret, but the turret ring is the same size as the ork tanks so you can fit any of the turrets from these vehicles in it:

if you want to put the turret from this set on the tank hull you can, but use the one with the cut out. as the other one won't fit

I will be making more turrets and different base units over the next few weeks. If theirs a particual weapon you want to see you can message me or leave a comment.


When printing i found that the base part somtimes warped, I found the best solution was to have a Brim and an infil of 50%. I have also included one with brim assisists that give the turret a larger foot print, this shoudl also help agains warping if you you use a brim.

I have added a file called alt brim support,this version gives the model a larger footprint and easier clean up.

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm an English wargamer who has become interesting in 3d designing.
I have been gaming for around 30 years and am a big fan of older models, 3d designs give me a chance to recreate those old models and share them with a new community.

I hope you will all enjoy printing, painting and gaming with my designs.

Tips are welcome as the majority of my designs are free to download, A few extra pounds is always appreciated



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